The Pond

The highlight of the lower farm is the Pond. Surrounded by acres of maintained lawn, the Pond is the heart and spirit of the Fielder Farm. It provides an unlimited source of entertainment throughout the year and attracts even the most reticent of visitors. The water is deep, clear and irresistible. Stone steps and rocky outcrops make entering and exiting the water easy and pleasant.  And the fishing is brilliant.


Regardless of the season, the diverse landscape occupied by the Fielder Farm offers visitors a convenience and variety of activities right out the front door. To access the The Catamount Ski Trail  follow the fence line. It’s just 300 yards from the Pond. Old farm and logging roads that have been reclaimed and maintained over the last few years offer exceptional views of the Adirondacks, Lake Champlain and Camel's Hump. The Farm and its surrounding hills are yours to explore!

An Uncommon Property in the
Heart of Vermont's Green Mountains

The road to the Fielder Farm gently winds its way out of the Huntington Valley and into the foothills on the western side of Camel's Hump. The road follows and crosses one of the many mountain brooks swelling the Hunting River as it rushes for the Huntington Gorge downstream. Passing through the tree line at the top of the ridge the view breaks wide open revealing pastures, pond and the mountain ridges beyond.

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The 19,636-acre Camel's Hump State Park adjoins the farm, linking it to an extensive network of hiking trails and the famous Long Trail system.